A Reconstructed and Heavily Patched Indigo Dyed Cotton Coat: Kagasuri

$225.00 USD

early twentieth century
Shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 30 1/2" x 35", 77.5 cm x 89 cm

This is a jacket which has been pieced together from fairly lightweight, indigo dyed cotton which is a kind of kasuri called kagusuri or "mosquito ikat." The pattern is referred to as that because it is composed of tiny, white, "mosquito" sized crosses. This kind of finely patterned cloth is the result of expert kasuri or ikat dyeing and weaving.

The cloth of the jacket was probably worn hard before it was cobbled together to make this jacket. The patching to the inside and the small areas of tattered cloth that are noticeable on the hem and side seams are testimony to this.

The jacket shows evidence of mending on its proper outside, but when the coat is opened the full extent of its patching is beautifully revealed.  The inside of the coat is nicely documented in the detail photos that accompany this post so please have a careful look.

As well, if you scrutinize the detail photos here you will see the seams from stitching pieces together in order to create enough area of cloth to create one full coat.

The jacket is old and the cloth is strained in areas, but it is wearable if you would like to try that.