A Resist Dyed Cotton Noren: Crossed Feathers and Origami Cranes

$225.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
57 1/4" x 38 1/2", 145.5 cm x 98 cm

This is a machine stitched, two panel, resist-dyed cotton noren, a noren being a traditional curtain that acts as a shop sign or a kind of cover for an entrance way, depending how the noren is used.  

When noren are used as shop signs they are hung in the doorway of a business to announce the shop is open, however they also provided a barrier between the dust and chaos of the street and the inside of the shop or home.

Additionally noren incite some sort of psychological effect by delineating a transition between outside and inside.

This particular one is dyed in black dye on what appears to be commercially loomed cotton.

The design is charming. It shows a centrally placed family crest which is the "crossed feather" design. This crest touches all three of the panels. At the bottom of each of the panels is a resist dyed origami crane.

The noren is slightly faded from wear and there are no apparent stains.

This is a really charming noren in good, used condition with a handsome design.