A Length of Resist Dyed Cotton: Over Dyed Indigo

$70.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
61" x 13 3/4", 155 cm x 35 cm

This length of machine woven cotton is dyed in a resist dyed method and it seems likely that the green color on this length is the result of over dyeing indigo with a yellow dye.

This is part of a larger piece and here we see one full loom width of cloth. The main design that is centered on the length of the panels is that of family crest which depicts a stylized, invented "diamond flower.

Emanating from the center of the crest in both directions is a delicately rendered tendril or arabesque.

On the length there are ingrained creases from wear (especially around the top and bottom edge and corners), some pretty obvious light fading and some very faint staining which are all indications that this length was used hard in its former life.

Simple, beautiful and with an interesting take on a traditional design idea this is a lovely length of resist dyed cotton with a captivating visual presence.