A Wonderful Pair of Boro Momohiki: Very Patched

$330.00 USD

mid twentieth century
as shown: 37" x 37", 94 cm x 94 cm

Momohiki are a style of wrap-around, tight fitting, leggings-style work trousers that were worn in all areas of old Japan.

This pair should be very much considered if you have been hoping to find a good pair of boro momohiki for your collection because these momohiki are wonderfully and artfully patched; the proper inside is being shown here.

The base cloth is a striped cotton on to which big fragments of cloth have been hand stitched, some of them being a nappy, grey-colored cotton flannel cloth, with most of the patches being indigo dyed cotton. The patches are beautifully stitched to the base cloth, some of them with eccentric, quickly-done stitches.  The color palette of this pair of boro momohiki with its gradient greys and blues is beautiful.

Look carefully at the ample array of detail photographs shown here which display the complex patching, stitching and layering of patches on the proper inside of this pair of momohiki.

Quite striking.  

And recommended.

A Wonderful Pair of Boro Momohiki: Very Patched