A Beautifully Patched and Mended Cotton Kimono: Wonderfully Artful

$545.00 USD

early twentieth century
shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 50 1/2" x 45 1/2", 128 cm x 115.5 cm

This heavily repaired and mended cotton kimono is shown inside-out in order to fully expose all the repairs that have been applied to this garment over time.

The base cloth is a grey/blue-toned cotton kimono that is woven in a check pattern. There are several types of cotton used for patching: several colors and patterns are used as are snippets of the same cloth as the base. 

There is so much visual appeal to this boro kimono, from the amazing repair, to the colors of the cottons, to the shapes of the patches, to the wonderful stitching--this is a marvelous-to-look-at cotton boro kimono and one that captures the imagination: who wore this, where and when? Who owned the kimono before it was patched and mended?

The garment has been repaired hard and its original shape is still much like it was when it was first made. This boro kimono is probably not easy to wear but it is amazing to look at, to display and to admire.