An Old Stencil Dyed Tenugui: 19th Century Beauty

$85.00 USD

mid nineteenth century
13" x 30", 33 cm x 76 cm

This is a wonderful old, 19th century tenugui which is a versatile, multi-purpose hand towel--the ones dating from time this one was made are collectible for their good quality cotton, their traditional dyeing methods and their fine designs.

This tenugui shows a pattern of cropped large-scale parasols which are dyed in dark indigo; the background shows a light rain of cherry blooms.

The tenugui might not be full size and its hand spun cotton is strained and a bit threadbare in areas with one area of loss to the right, shown on the detail photos here.

A wonderful stencil dyed textile with great age and character. 

Recommended and collectible.