A Two Panel Length of Patched Katazome Cotton: Hand Spun Cotton

$150.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
68 1/2" x 22 1/2", 174 cm x 57 cm

This is a really beautiful fragment of hand spun, hand woven cotton of good age and with wonderful thread integrity.

This is a section from a futon cover which is composed of two panels made of four pieces that have been machine stitched together and patched on its reverse side. 

The repeat pattern shown on this length is beautiful. It shows a repeat pattern of hexagons which is shorthand for tortoiseshell which in turn is a symbol for the tortoise which is a conveyance for a wish for a long life. Inside each of the hexagons is a so-called diamond flower.

The indigo tone has softened beautifully and has revealed the hand spun yarns to great effect.

On the face of the piece we see the patching to the reverse peeking out in alluring fashion. The patching seen on the face is subtle and, when turned over, we can see it clearly. This is illustrated quite well on the accompanying photo, the last one shown here.

This is a good-sized, two panel piece of very good age and very good materials. Judging from the hand spun yarns and the quality of the weaving more than likely the cloth was woven and dyed in the late nineteenth century. The patching and machine stitching came later.