A Stunning Narumi Kongata Han Juban: Homespun Cotton

$255.00 USD

late nineteenth century
from the shoulder seam to the hem: 27", 68.5 cm
from shoulder to shoulder: 24", 61 cm

This is an absolutely beautiful and delicately figured, indigo dyed cotton han juban or half under-kimono.

The cotton is soft and almost gauzy in texture; most certainly it is hand loomed.  

The entire garment is patterned in a soft, blue repeat of peonies against a ground of faux shibori.  This richly detailed cloth was dyed in a complex, multi-stenciled process called Narumi kongata, a kind of advanced stenciling technique that was developed to imitate the look and sensation of shibori dyed cloth.

The age and fading of this Narumi kongata cloth brings great beauty to this piece; the blues have softened and the resist-dyed flowers appear more delicate because of it.

This han juban shows three types of stencil resist-dyed cloth: on the peony patterned cloth of the body of the garment, on the collar or eri there is a pattern of stylized pine bark or matsukawabishi, and on the reinforcement around the neck area is a repeat pattern of scale counterweights or fundo tsunagi.

This is a spectacularly beautiful garment which shows an extremely beautiful hand dyed, 19th century cotton cloth.  Just exquisite.

In good, used condition, with no obvious stains or holes.

Stunning, and recommended.

A Stunning Narumi Kongata Han Juban: Homespun Cotton