A Stencil Dyed Han Juban: Soft Edges and Bamboo

$95.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
27" x 24", 68.5 cm x 61 cm

This is a really attractive, indigo dyed cotton han juban that shows a repeat pattern of stencil dyed bamboo, both stalks and leaves.

A key and interesting detail of this piece is that it was dyed on white cotton that shows a light, woven plaid pattern.

Interesting, too, is the smudged or soft edges of the stenciled design: for some reason the design has bled a bit around the edges creating a kind of gentle halo effect. Even after washing the garment this effect remains intact so this indicates that the soft edges had something to do with the method of dyeing.

Note the contrasting patch of stenciled cloth to the inside, top of the han juban.

Just delightful--and this garment is completely hand stitched it can easily be taken apart for use in other craft or fashion projects.

A Stencil Dyed Han Juban: Soft Edges and Bamboo