A Small Child's Niko Niko Kasuri Kimono: Patched Cotton

$75.00 USD

ca. 1930s
22" x 20", 56 cm x 51 cm 

This tattered and small, fully lined kimono was worn hard by a small child.  It is hand stitched of cotton which was printed in such a way as to mimic kasuri or ikat woven cloth.  This printed cotton, called Niko Niko kasuri was popular in Japan around the 1930s.

This particular kimono shows a pattern of what appear to be chrysanthemums and pigeons rendered in blue and white against a black background.  The collar area has been reinforced with a piece of white-on-blue kasuri cloth and there is one mending patch on the back of this small kimono, the patch being of Niko Niko kasuri.

The entire garment, as stated above, has been worn hard, and even though it has been washed, the cotton shows ingrained dirt overall, which, obviously, dulls the color of the printed cloth and has evenly discolored the white lining and tie.  Under the proper, left-hand sleeve there is a vertical tear to the cloth.

A wonderful little garment from old Japan.

A Small Child's Niko Niko Kasuri Kimono: Patched Cotton