A Small Child's Complete Outfit: Padded Vest and Two Under Kimono

$245.00 USD

early twentieth century
as shown: 20" x 24", 51 cm x 61 cm

This is a remarkable find: it is an intact set of child's clothing--three pieces in all.

Each piece is hand stitched from re-purposed cloth: the padded outer vest, the sleeveless indigo dyed cotton robe, the flannel han juban or half under kimono each have been refashioned from other pieces.

This set of clothing is hand stitched and when examining each of the three pieces it is clear that each of the components is borrowing cloth from previous garments or bedding.

The charm aspect of this ensemble is very high as is the rarity in finding something like this: three garments still together.

A fantastic artifact from old Japan and one that beautifully illustrates an aspect of the daily life of a Japanese child from long-gone era.

Very recommended.