A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Indigo Overdyed in Yellow

$85.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
42" x 40", 106.5 cm x 101.5 cm

This lovely, three panel furoshiki or wrapping cloth is of hand loomed cotton, dyed in indigo and over dyed in yellow, possibly kihada, a yellow obtained from a tree bark or turmeric, another often used dyestuff that produced a strong yellow.

The green color is vivid and rich; there is some surface patina--just a bit--from use; the cotton is great and toothy in the hand.  The family crest in the corner is ivy or tsuta, and was applied with a stencil: rice paste pushed through the stencil on to the cloth resisted the dye, and is the reason this design stays undyed.  The same stencil resist dyed application was used for the two kanji on the lower right hand corner of the furoshiki.

A beautifully colored furoshiki with wonderful hand loomed cotton cloth.


A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Indigo Overdyed in Yellow