A Rare Blue-on-White Katazome Dyed Han Juban: Sampler Fabric

$495.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
26" x 24 1/2", 66 cm x 62 cm

This pale toned beauty is a han juban or a half under kimono. It is hand stitched from what is called a mihon, or roll of sample designs--in this case blue-on-white katazome cotton--which would have been presented to a customer in order to choose what pattern to order.

The cloth of this particular mihon is exceptionally good. The very finely dyed, meticulously rendered images that appear on the cloth are blue-on-white:  the majority of katazome textiles we see are white-on-blue which is a less complicated dyeing process that what we see here.

Achieving blue-on-white patterns in the katazome process requires tremendously practiced artistry.

The patterns on the cloth are complex and many are shown here on the accompanying detail photos, at least seven distinct patterns are shown either in full or in part.

The cloth itself is a bit faded so the delicately drawn images are slightly tender in their presentation.  There is faint soiling from wear on the collar/nape area, not surprising for a garment of this age which is clearly well-worn.

This is something of a small treasure and it is offered with high recommendation.