A Pieced Hemp Apron: Tohoku Katazome

$55.00 USD

early twentieth century
29" x 24", 73.5 cm x 61 cm

This beautifully faded and worn old apron is hand stitched from recycled pieces of rustic, indigo dyed katazome hemp cloth.

The type of fairly coarsely woven, stencil dyed hemp cloth that makes up this apron comes from Japan's rural northeast region which is referred to as Tohoku. The pattern is meant to mimic kasuri or ikat and as can be easily seen by the accompanying detail photos here, the cloth itself shows a beautiful patina from wear.

The tie is of white cotton and this wonderful garment from old Japan is still very wearable.

A collectible, beautifully simple cloth from rural Japan.

A Pieced Hemp Apron: Tohoku Katazome