A Patched Length of Katazome Cotton: Large Repeat

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
70" x 13 1/4", 178 cm x 33.5 cm

This is a length of katazome dyed cotton that shows a lavish and crowded repeat pattern of some sort of wonderful, large-scale invented flowers against a background of arabesques. The colors of this length are blue, white and grey.

The pattern itself is bright and sparkling due to the fact that each side of the cloth has been stencil resisted--this technique is meant to bolster the crispness of the images or patterns that are dyed onto the cloth.

This one has a lovely detail: at top an extra piece is stitched and it shows a few patches. As well in the body of the piece we see a patch of the same cloth as the base. This makes this patch easy to overlook.

The length is super-crammed with great images and design and the condition is good and used, with each of its two sides being usable.

Really lovely.

A Patched Length of Katazome Cotton: Large Repeat