A Pair of Repaired Katazome Dyed Momohiki: Festival Wear

$92.00 USD

**reduced from $115.00**
mid twentieth century
as shown: 38" x 36", 96.5 cm x 91.5 cm

Momohiki are a style of wrap-around, tight fitting, legging-like trousers that were worn in all areas of old Japan.  This pair is made of resist dyed, indigo cotton which shows an elaborately designed all-over pattern.

Because of the fancy nature of these trousers we can assume that they were worn at festival time by a participant in a matsuri or local shrine or temple festival.  The momohiki are machine stitched but they show interesting repairs, some of them hand applied. Pore over the accompanying detail photographs to see the subtle mending to the piece, most of them pictured.

These are a wonderful variant on the traditional momohiki which were usually made of plain, indigo dyed cotton.

A charming pair of vintage momohiki, with great visual interest.