A Long Stitched Fragment of Stencil Dyed Cotton: Young Pines

$80.00 USD

ca. mid to late nineteenth century
13 1/2" x 55", 34.25 cm x 139.5 cm

This long length of hand spun, hand loomed cotton shows stencil resisted young pines against a background of a deep, velvety green color, the result of indigo being overdyed with a yelllow dyestuff.

This long fragment shows two groups of clusters of young pine composed of three sprigs each; the third cluster is has been cut.

The cloth itself is old and lovely, and it is rich in the fabled ito aji or thread taste which is one of the most desirable qualities of old Japanese folk textiles.

The cloth is used and has been worn well over the years, and this shows on the surface; this does not detract from its beauty.  It is unclear what the original use of this length was; the horizontal positioning of the young pines seems to indicate this was not taken from  a futon cover; this cloth may have originally been a very long noren, a kind of shop sign which is often seen hanging under the eaves of Japanese buildings.

Really lovely: rich, warm--and a wonderful artifact from old Japan.