A Long Resist Dyed Panel: Hanten

$85.00 USD
early twentieth century
76" x 14 1/2", 193 cm x 37 cm

This is a length of resisted indigo dyed cotton that was mean to be sewn into a hanten or happi, a jacket used for work or festivals that often bore large-scale graphic kanji or Chinese characters, as this one does.  This length would have formed one-half the bodice of a hanten or happi.
Although the cotton is heavy in the hand, very drapey and somehow slubby, it gives the appearance of being hand woven, which it may not be.

However this is a good, long piece of resist dyed cotton that shows wonderfully graphic elements, it is in fairly good condition, and it has a great visual appeal.

Just lovely.
A Long Resist Dyed Panel: Hanten