A Length of Wildly Designed Katazome Cotton: Flowers

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth century
36 1/2" x 13 1/2", 92.5 cm x 34 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth whose pulsing pattern of Indian-inspired flowers is highlighted with grey and orange toned dyes.

The repeat design is crowded and rich with activity. The flowers seem to refer to those in nature but also seem to be so stylized as to be invented.

The condition of the cloth is still quite good as the color tones are deep and vibrant. There is not a noticeable amount of surface abrasion or light fading: there is one small hole that is only noticeable if you hold this entire length against the light.

This is a very unusual type of katazome pattern and it is one that required several stencils--and expert skill--in order to create the finished piece.

Just wonderful--and recommended for its unusual and beautiful qualities.