A Length of Very Good Katazome Cotton: Kasuri Imposter

$95.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
30" x 13", 76 cm x 33 cm

Where to begin with this indigo dyed katazome cloth when there are so many things to say about it?

First its beautifully complex design is based on the traditional well cover motif. If you look closely you will see the large, resisted white colored well covers and then, in between them, you will see outlined, smaller ones.

Moreover this length of stencil dyed cloth is meant to mimic kasuri or ikat woven cloth, the details are so good that some of the stencil resist dyed lines that extend out from the large, white well covers seem to ride along one, single woven thread, further playing on the theme of kasuri mimicry.

The yarns are beautifully hand spun. The indigo is a nice strong color albeit with some faint areas of wear and fading, but overall the dye is good.

The side shown here is bolder in dye than the other side which slightly more faded, but not by much.

The manner in which this design is structured has a kind of eye dazzling effect which adds another layer of visual attraction.

Recommended, unusual and beautiful.