A Length of Twice Dyed Katazome Cotton: Rich Low Contrast Indigo

$65.00 USD

late nineteenth century
25 1/2" x 13 3/4", 65 cm x 35 cm

This is a length of old, hand spun, hand woven katazome dyed cotton, the color effect of the pattern on this length is blue-on-blue.

The background is dark and the design embedded in it is a moody tone of indigo blue.

The pattern shows traditional motifs such as a folding fan, a well cover and a fragment of a kind of silk weaving design that shows a Buddhist swastika placed almost undetectably at its center.

Judging from the length of this cloth and also its style of pattern it was more than likely part of a woman's half-under kimono called a han juban. As can easily be seen the cloth shows evidence of wear and there are also two holes which are pictured on the detail photo that accompanies this post.

The intensely low-contrast dark quality of this length is fairly unusual and it has a unique visual appeal.