A Length of Stenciled Hand Spun Cotton: Unusual Green and Yellow

$295.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
68" x 13 3/4", 173 cm x 35 cm

This is a length of hand woven, hand spun cotton cloth that is stencil dyed with an usual color combination of a kind of pale maize tone and a green color.

The pattern is that of a field of diamonds inside of which are noshi (which are dried strips of abalone meant to convey good luck) and shrimp. Shrimp might seem like an odd symbol but in Japan shrimp signify a wish for long life: the backs of very old people are hunched over, very much like a shrimp's and therefore this image is used to wish for a long life.

The dyes used for this length are more than likely pigment based.

To see this kind of color palette is rare and to see something with this good age in this unusual palette in such good condition is even rarer.

Wonderful and recommended.