A Length of Richly and Delicately Designed Katazome Cloth: Ochre Toned Details

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth century
35" x 12 3/4", 89 cm x 32.5 cm

This is an extra-lovely length of katazome dyed cotton, so subtle in its beauty that it is hard to capture in photography. 

The pattern is tight and delicate, showing a rich repeat of filigreed trailing vines which are background for branches of what might be plum blossoms, the plum blossoms appearing to have some kind of faux shibori type treatment.

These details are colored an ochre tone which might in fact be a faded or diluted iron oxide derived dye that usually shows as orange. Still, the amount of this secondary color is great which adds to the beauty of the length.

In seeing this one cannot help but think this pattern was inspired by Indian trade cloth which was collected with zeal among the Japanese elite. If so, this pattern definitely has a Chinese/Japanese spin--but in any case it is a really well-designed repeat.

In good, bright, used condition this is a very good length of old katazome cotton.