A Length of Resist Dyed Cotton: Three Arachaic Chinese Characters

$65.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
12 3/4" x 86", 32.5 cm x 218.5 cm

In the past when discussing old, Japanese folk textiles, we spoke of ito aji or the "thread taste or flavor."  This means that the very fibers of the cloth are rich and eloquent in how they display hand made cloth, and that the cloth is woven from hand spun cotton.

This length of hand woven cotton is rich in ito aji; the cotton is hand spun and the cloth is hand woven: the hand of the cloth is rich and textured.

Shown are three stencil resist dyed kanji or Chinese characters which are rendered in an archaic style.  The cloth is in good condition save for a few, small holes near one of the paste resisted kanji.

A marvelously good piece of hand woven cotton with very deep and good indigo color.