A Length of Medium-Sized Figured Cloth: Katazome Dyed Cotton

$75.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
32 1/2" x 12 /12", 82.5 cm x 32 cm

This is a length of hand spun, hand woven cotton that has been dyed in the katazome method.

It has been well worn so its color has softened to a lighter tone than when it was originally dyed and its surface shows the beautiful weave of its hand spun cotton yarns.

The "medium" size of this subtle repeat pattern was referred to as chuugata in old Japan and in looking at the pattern and trying to decipher what is being shown proves to be difficult.

Still, this is a charming length of old cloth with a playful pattern and with very good age. It looks very nice in combination with the length of faux kasuri katazome cotton also on sale today.