A Length of Large Scale Tortoises and Folding Fans: Katazome

$95.00 USD

late nineteenth century
49 1/4" x 13", 125 cm x 33 cm

This boldly graphic length of indigo dyed katazome cloth shows a repeat of large-scale tortoises and folding fans, two images that are often seen in Japanese design.

The tortoise, not surprisingly, is a symbol that conveys the wish for a long life. The folding fan is a Japanese invention and when depicted it often suggests "the opening of things," meaning, usually, some kind of amicable relationship between people.

The pattern is lively and the images are complex in their depictions.

The cloth itself shows an overall patina from wear in that it is slightly faded and worn. That said it is in good, used condition.

This is an interesting length of indigo dyed katazome cotton with a wonderful pattern that shows vitality and great visual interest.