A Length of Large Scale Katazome Cotton: Pine and Crane

$145.00 USD

early twentieth century
66" x 14 1/2", 167.5 cm x 37 cm

This good-sized panel of indigo dyed katazome cotton shows a repeat pattern of large-scale cranes shown more or less in a mirror image. The cranes are drawn in rich detail and convey a kind of life force as their wings are splayed and their neck is retracted in the way cranes do it when they take flight.

Cranes in Japanese design signify a wish for a long life and as cranes mate for life they also are a symbol of conjugal fidelity.

The stylized pines--also shown here and which occupy the spaces between and behind the cranes--are also symbols of long life and marital happiness: pine needles fall in pairs.

This is a visually powerful length of cloth that is rich in symbolism and good intentions. The grey tone that colors the cloth adds richness.

A real beauty.