A Length of Large Scale Katazome Cotton: Peonies and Folding Fans

$105.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
59 1/4" x 13 1/2", 150.5 cm x 34.25 cm

This large-scale, boldly and playfully arranged design shows a repeat of buoyant folding fans that are cocked in two different directions--and peeking out of each of the fans is a stylized peony, a charming addition to the design.

The fans are big and they are arranged in two vertical rows; in one row the fans are pointed upward while in the other they are set in the opposite direction. There is a sense of playfulness in the design which is delightful.

Folding fans are a Japanese invention and they often appear on elements of the bridal trousseau because they symbolize the "opening" of things, such as that of a new relationship.  This length was taken from a futon cover which was more than likely part of a bridal trousseau.

It is in good, used condition with the overall wear that you would expect from a hand woven cloth that is about 120 years old.

This is a lovely, bold and playful pattern.