A Length of Katazome Cotton: Hand Spun Yarns and Horizontal Repeat

$70.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
31" x 13 1/2", 79 cm x 34 cm

One of the most beautiful things about this length of indigo dyed katazome cotton is its rich texture due to hand spun yarns.

This kind of cotton is exactly what you would want to find in old folk cloth and although the pattern dyed onto this cloth is sophisticated and a bit "modern" the yarns show this length is old.

The pattern shows horizontally-oriented rows of designs: perhaps there is some indication that the pattern wants to mimic the kasuri cloth of Omi which produced some of the finest hemp and ramie material in Japan. This is only speculation but there might be some truth in it.

Plum blossoms or stylized interconnected plum branches form the design while faux kasuri vertical slices add to it.

Some fading from wear this is a very nice, old length of katazome cotton woven from good quality, hand spun yarns.