A Length of Faded Katazome Dyed Cotton: Beautiful Depiction of Chrysanthemums

$75.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
33 1/12" x 13", 85 cm x 33 cm

This faded length of katazome dyed cotton shows a repeat pattern of fancifully-drawn chrysanthemums against a background of arabesques and a field of white dots.

The manner in which the chrysanthemums are realized gives the impression that there was some European influence on the design which could very possibly be true as there was communication between Japan and Europe during the Meiji era when this length was made.

The fading to the piece gives it a soft look which, in turn, enhances the design. There are areas of grey and ochre tinting to the chrysanthemums, now faded, but still evident.

The length is in used condition, obviously oxidized and faded, but with this comes a different beauty from when it was first made, and one might argue the beauty is heightened from age and wear.