A Length of Faded and Repaired Hand Spun Cotton Cloth: Katazome

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
56" x 13", 142.25 cm x 33 cm

This faded and worn length of katazome dyed cotton is hand woven from beautifully hand spun cotton yarns. The quality of tactile cloth seen here is referred to in Japan as having ito aji or thread flavor. Hand spun cotton yarns make for beautiful cloth, and when faded and worn as this panel is they quality of the yarns is exaggerated in an attractive way.

The length shows a repeat pattern of hexagons, the hexagon being a symbol of tortoiseshell, the tortoise representing a wish for a long life.

You will notice one hand applied patch to the cloth as well as vestiges of machine stitching. This is interesting because it clearly shows how very old cloth like this length was saved and used and re-used, well into the era when the sewing machine was in popular use.

A beauty!