A Length of "Checkerboard" Narumi Kongata Cotton: Multi Stencil

$50.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
22" x 13", 56 cm x 33 cm

This kind of "checkerboard" design is an unusual pattern for a Narumi kongata dyed length of cloth.

Narumi kongata is a multi-stenciled katazome technique that is meant to mimic shibori dyeing. This is evidenced in the stylized chrysanthemum whose center shows a cherry blossom: the deep blue color of the petals is mottled in a way that suggests miura shibori is, so this flower is meant to evoke a tie dyed shibori technique.

The other checkerboard designs do not mimic shibori and they show elaborately rendered chrysanthemums arranged in such a way to fit into a square format.

The blue-on-white aspect to this design makes it more desirable than a white-on-blue and the pattern is as clear on the back of the cloth as it is on the front.

Please note there is a faint lavender colored stain from the thread used to stitch the original piece this was taken from.  It does not at all distract from the overall enjoyment of this piece.

Remarkable and unusual.

A Length of "Checkerboard" Narumi Kongata Cotton: Multi Stencil