A Length of Brown Toned Katazome: Hand Spun Cotton

$115.00 USD

late nineteenth century
42" x 13", 106.5 cm x 33 cm

This brown toned katazome dyed cotton length is unusual for its color as most katazome cloth is dyed in shades of indigo.

The medium toned, warm brown is easy on the eyes and the pattern that is resist dyed onto the cloth holds good symbolism.

We see origami cranes amid sprigs of pine drawn as a fairly large scale repeat. Each of these two images, crane and pine, conveys a wish for a long life so in conjunction the two supercharge this idea.

The cloth is in used condition as it shows overall wear and some fading. Detailed in the photographs attached here is an undertone of grey color which peaks out from under the brown color along selected areas of the selvedge.

This is a desirable length of old katazome cotton for its rich pattern and for its not-often-seen color.