A Length of Blue-on-Blue Katazome: Faded and Worn

$90.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
65" x 12 3/4', 165 cm x 32.5 cm

This is a length of quite faded blue-on-blue katazome cotton that shows a large-scale repeat pattern.

The cloth has been used and worn a good deal and therefore the color tones have become subdued and more subtle with age, the result of which we see here.

The pattern is interesting in its design. It shows three folding fans arranged as a full circle.  These fans are set inside a network of interlocking circles that are elaborately and abstractly designed, at the point of juncture for each of the circles we see a small, stylized chrysanthemum.

At some places on the cloth the color is quite faded as is the case on the passage shown on the accompanying detail photo where there is almost a streak of whitish tone. It seems likely that this area was original to the cloth and was a flaw in the dyeing process.

Although the dye on this cloth is faded and worn it is of an unusual pattern and is quite visually interesting. Likewise, as is often the case with indigo dyed katazome textiles, fading enhances the beauty of the cloth.