A Katazome Dyer's Sampler: Eight Distinct Designs

$165.00 USD

late nineteenth century
34" x 13 1/2", 86.5 cm x 34 cm

This beautiful length of indigo dyed katazome--a dyer's sampler--is a collector's item.

It shows 8 different katazome patterns, each pattern identified by a number in the fan-shaped blank on the left of each sample. This length is a section from a longer piece and from the wear to the edges of the length we can see that after it was used for some time, it was taken from the dye studio and worked into a futon cover.

The indigo color is beautifully soft and faded in tone and the patterns are of a medium size.

This is something that will give a great deal of joy over a long time, as each of the patterns is fascinating and calls to mind daily life in old Japan.

Pay special attention to the second design from the top: books!