A Home Made Apron: Very Good Katazome Cotton

$75.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
24" x 19", 61 cm x 48 cm

This is a charming, home made apron made from re-purposed pieces of very good looking indigo dyed cottonĀ katazome cloth of two types: one for the base of the garment and another for its two pockets.

The pieced base of the apron is hand stitched while the (possibly later addition of) pockets and the tie are machine stitched in white thread. The tie is made from another type of cloth, a brown toned kasuri cloth, again, this element of the garment is made of recycled cloth.

This apron is as delightfully still wearable as it is able to offer its geometric, resist dyed cotton cloth to other projects that might call for cloth in a pattern of such scale and tone.