A Hand Stitched Resist Dyed Cotton Furoshiki: Stepped Corner

$55.00 USD

ca. early twentieth century
28" x 24", 71 cm x 61 cm 

Shown here is a small, hand stitched, hand dyed cotton furoshiki that is constructed of two panels of hand loomed cotton, which is dyed a kind of teal color, presumably the result of over dyeing indigo in a yellow dye bath.

The design of the small wrapping cloth is wonderfully graphic; the proper, lower-left hand corner is resisted and shows a serious of stacked squares that form a white-on-blue triangle. 

The surface of this cloth is softly abraded from use, and in looking at the accompanying detail photos which highlight this, you can see that there are subtle pools of light staining that crawl across the surface of this piece in various areas.  Please pay close attention to the photos in order to see this aspect of this furoshiki.

On the proper, upper left hand corner there is a small fragment of chirimen silk that is hand stitched and which bears handwriting, presumably the name of the person or company who owned this small, hand made utilitarian cloth.

A lovely thing.

A Hand Stitched Resist Dyed Cotton Furoshiki: Stepped Corner