A Hand Spun Cotton Furoshiki: Stray Roundel

$275.00 USD

late nineteenth century
52" x 49", 132 cm x 124.5 cm

This furoshiki or wrapping cloth is interesting for several reasons.

One of the reasons is that the katazome dyed cloth is of the type traditionally used for bedding so it seems that this furoshiki is a recycled futon cover.

But what is also interesting about it is there is a lone, stray, good-sized resist dyed mon or family crest that can be seen on the top, right center of the cloth. Why it is there is a mystery, but it is a visually beautiful mystery.

The hand woven cloth has been used hard as can be seen by the small holes which are documented on the accompanying photos here. There is some light, unobtrusive staining to the front of the furoshiki but please do know that the brownish halos of tone on the lead photograph are shadows from photography and not stains.

As can be seen from poring over the detail photos here the back of the furoshiki is worn and nicely patched so this old wrapping cloth shows two visually interesting sides.

A real folk textile that shows ingenuity and carries with it a sense of mystery from the past.