A Section from a Hand Painted 19th Century Boy's Kimono: Boar and Fan

$80.00 USD

mid to late nineteenth century
56" x 10 1/2", 142 cm x 26.5 cm

This is a hand painted section from a 19th century boy's hemp or ramie kimono.

It is one-half of the body of the kimono, the front and back of one of the two sides and it is elaborately decorated with what are two fans.

The fan on the front shows a meticulously hand painted wild boar charging near a cliff and a waterfall--as well there is a kamon or family crest which shows the crossed feather motif.

The back shows a fan that bears the image of a blooming plum branch; both these images are couched in a border that is allusion to mist.

The body of the kimono is a very dark grey color, almost black. As can be seen in the accompanying detail photos there are some scuffs to this grey-black area and a few, small holes.

All in all this is a wonderfully good kimono fragment with very good age. More than likely it dates to the late Edo period, or the middle of the nineteenth century.