A Girl's Hand Painted Kimono: Family Crests and Semamori

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
39 1/4" x 40 1/2", 99.5 cm x 105.5 cm

This is a child's kimono made of silk whose bottom perimeter is lavishly hand painted.

Around the kimono's lower half and on the sleeves is a scene depicting what must be land, imaginary islands and the sea--the land areas are rich in small, young pine trees, charming houses, bridges and retaining walls. Sail boats for fishing are amply seen on the water.

There are three hand painted family crests on the back of the kimono and two on the front, the crests are in the form of stylized oak leaves.

One of the two ties on the front is missing however the one still intact shows a lavishly stitched semamori which is an amulet meant to protect the wearer and which is usually applied to areas of closure to a garment. Semamori are often seen on the back, nape of the neck area as well as on the front where a children's garment ties.

This kimono is lined in a richly toned purple silk whose color is in lovely color contrast to the soft tones of the exterior of the garment.

There is a small hole to the proper, right shoulder area shown in a detail photo that accompanies this post and there is some slight surface abrasion in isolated areas as is noted on the last detail photograph here.

There are very, very faint stains--truly almost invisible--which are mentioned only because they might be noticed in a certain light and if you happen to notice them which could be unlikely. However in truth if you acquire this elaborately painted kimono you will not notice them.