A Generous Length of Pieced, Patched Faded Katazome: Extra Wide

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
70" x 19", 178 cm x 48 cm

This rather large and extra wide piece of faded and oxidized indigo dyed cotton katazome is hand stitched from three pieces of the same cloth.

The pattern is playful as it shows a repeat pattern of white, linear folding fans set against a background of arabesque and punctuated by some kind of stylized leaves, either oak or ivy.

The cloth has been faded to quite a grey tone and there are two repairs to the cloth which are shown on one of the detail photos here. It has overall surface wear and patina.

The length is of a generous size and its piecing indicates it was more than likely a futon cover that was re-purposed from a yogi or sleeping kimono or perhaps it was a futon cover that was reconfigured for some reason.

In any event this is a good amount of old, katazome cloth which shows a delightful pattern and has been hand woven from hand spun yarns.