A Fully Finished Hand Stitched Katazome Bedcover: Indigo Dyed Cotton

$295.00 USD

early twentieth century
71" x 57", 180.5 cm x 145 cm

This is a good-sized, fully finished, backed and hand stitched bed cover or futon cover. 

Its front is made of four panels of indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth that shows a repeat pattern of stylized light and dark chrysanthemums against a background of linear arabesques.

The mitering and backing of the cloth are done in hand woven indigo dyed cotton.

Notice the front of the futon cover does not lay entirely flat and in detail photos here this quality is attempted to be shown. This not laying flat is due to the cotton on the front and the cotton on the back naturally wanting to stick together so there will need to be some work done to smooth the front out if that is important to you.

The entire bed cover is constructed like a big envelope or pillow sham: the front is not stitched to back. Therefore if you would like to open up one of the back seams and insert filling that would be possible.

In good condition the indigo dyed cloth is bright and sturdy and the overall effect of this piece is very usable This bed cover or futon cover was made to last.