A Fragment of Katazome Boro: Complex Patterning

$40.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
22" x 26", 56 cm x 66 cm

What an attractive boro cloth.

The base cloth is indigo dyed cotton which was dyed in the katazome or stencil resist method, the image being a rich one, showing paulownia and chrysanthemum blooms amid a field of karakusa or arabesque. 

The cotton is elaborately decorated and has become a bit thin in areas, giving way where we can see one hole-shown in accompanying photos--and with just a small bit of staining, also shown.

There is a lovely,  cotton patch of the same cloth, which can be seen at the top hem of this cloth, the cloth being composed of three pieces which are hand stitched together.

This is a really beautiful, old cloth, probably taken from a futon cover.

Very appealing.
A Fragment of Katazome Boro: Complex Patterning