A Four Panel Noren: Resist Dyed Cotton Curtain

$185.00 USD

ca. late nineteenth, early twentieth century
16" x 52", 40.5 cm x 132 cm

This is a very attractive, short, four-paneled, resist dyed cotton noren, a noren being a curtain-like textile that is hung in doorways, often with the name of a business designed as part of the decoration on the cloth, as is the case here.  Noren can act as a shop sign and often when a noren is hung in a doorway it indicates that that establishment is open for business.

The cotton of this indigo dyed textile is hand loomed and is of a good, heavy weight.  The indigo is so deep and inky that it is almost black in color.  Note the wonderful little passage of sashiko stitching that connects each of the four panels which comprise this noren--a very nice detail.  Notice, too, the traditional stitching which holds each of the seven tabs to the cloth, all unbroken and in very sturdy condition.

This is a wonderful, old noren, in great condition, and with a great deal of appeal.

A Four Panel Noren: Resist Dyed Cotton Curtain