A Fine and Rustic Unmade Sakiori Sodenashi: Hemp Warp, Cotton Rag Weft

$245.00 USD

ca. early to mid twentieth century
104" x 5 3/4", 264 cm x 14.5 cm 

This is rustic beauty at its finest.  This long piece of sakiori or rag weave is not an obi or kimono sash as it may appear at first glance, but rather it is a an unmade vest or sodenashi, which, when cut, pieced and stitched, will resemble something like this.

As is clear from seeing this fine example, this length would be cut in two and fashioned into a vest.  What is further desirable about this piece is that it is woven with a hemp warp, a trait of sakiori that one should look for and hope to find.

By looking carefully at the attached photos you will see a narrow passage of cloth that is not rag woven but is just woven hemp: it is here that the length would have been cut in two.

The colored rag weft is dark blue and reads almost monochrome, save for some wonderful passages of indigo cotton weft yarns, judiciously placed.

A wonderful country textile from old Japan.

Very recommended.