A Child's Silk Kimono and Undergarment Set: Recycled Kimono Pattern Sampler

$115.00 USD

mid twentieth century
31" x 30", 78.5 cm x 76 cm

This is a padded, silk child's kimono that is fashioned from a mihon, or a bolt of cloth printed with sample patterns. The patterns seem to be commercially dyed on the cloth.

The marvelous thing about this kimono, aside from the charm of the variety of sample patterns imprinted on the cloth, is that it comes with itsĀ original small, flannel and silk han juban or half under-kimono. It is rare to find this kind of set still intact after decades of not being worn.

The body of the han juban is of a yellowed, thick cotton flannel with sleeves of lovely, floral-print chirimen or crepe silk.

A wonderful set of clothing which is collectible for many reasons.