A Child's Shibori and Stencil Dyed Kimono: Inventive Pattern

$265.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
37" x 38", 94 cm x 96.5 cm

This is a dazzling little cotton kimono that was worn by a child. It shows a delightful, light-hearted hand-dyed repeat pattern and is in fairly good condition.

The kimono's pattern is charming--and aside from its beautifully intricate design concept it shows two different dyeing techniques.

It was dyed first in the itajime shibori method which is why you can see small, six-pointed indigo colored "flowers" which cascade down the length of the cloth. This shibori method used clamps, folded cloth and dip-dyeing to achieve making these images. 

Over the shibori the surikomi or stencil dyeing method was employed and the images are of cloud forms depicted in three sizes.

The tie on the front of the kimono is more than likely of a very thin wool and it is moth eaten: the entire kimono is heavily starched so it does not flow or drape as a normal cotton kimono would.

There are a few stains (they seem to be sumi or charcoal based ink) shown on the accompanying detail photos and there are a few snags to the cotton, but overall this small, hand dyed cotton kimono is in good, used condition.


Very recommended.