A Child's Omi Jofu Kimono: Fine Quality Hemp or Ramie Kasuri Cloth

$325.00 USD

late nineteenth century
35" x 34", 89 cm x 86.5 cm

This is a small child's kimono that is hand stitched from the well-known Omi jofu, a hemp or ramie kasuri cloth that was produced or brokered in and around Omi in present day Shiga prefecture.

The kimono is in good condition with no noticeable flaws and the cloth is still fairly crisp to the touch. The repeat pattern is an odd one, it appears to be a crane and a folding fan with a background of stylized plum blossoms and pine trees. Abstract passages of white interlocking rectangles and star shapes add a dazzling effect to the design.

The indigo color is warm and rich and as mentioned above this kimono is very good shape.

This is a wonderful little garment and it is recommended for its age, its condition and its overall delightful design and execution.