A Child's Kimono: Shibori Details and Western Sleeves

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
21" x 35 1/2", 53.25 cm x 90 cm

This beautiful child's kimono shows wonderful and intriguing details.

The body of the kimono is hand stitched from pieces of old, indigo dyed cotton: the most attractive of these pieces are the overdyed shirakage shibori fragments that adorn the lower part of the collar of the kimono. The cotton here is hand spun and handwoven. There is also another fragment of old miura shibori which is hand stitched above this piece and encircles the back of the collar. Just lovely.

The sleeves on this garment are odd because they are tailored in a Western way: they have cuffs. Very interesting, and one has to ask if these sleeves were borrowed from another garment and inserted onto this one, or were they made especially for this small kimono?

We will never know, but it is an interesting thought.

In summary this is a really wonderful child's garment from old Japan.

Beautiful and recommended.