A Child's Indigo Dyed Cotton Kimono: Elaborate Semamori

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
31 1/2" x 22", 80 cm x 56 cm

This is a child's kimono that is remade from hand loomed, striped and kasuri indigo dyed cotton, the cotton used to stitch this small kimono was probably taken from an adult's garment.

As can be easily seen by viewing the photographs shown here the cotton cloth used to create this kimono shows wear and fading.

What else can be easily seen on photos, and probably the salient feature of this small garment, is the stitched amulet at the top, back of the kimono.

This stitched amulet is called a semamori and it was placed there as a wish to convey spiritual protection for the child. In this case the semamori is elaborately stitched and quite obvious.

An interesting detail to note is the crepe silk "ruffles" on each of the cuffs of the kimono's sleeves: an odd and not often seen detail and one that indicates this kimono belonged to a girl.

Beautiful, rustic, well-used and recommended.